06/20/2021 – Fathers Day Thoughts

While it is traditional to post a message saying happy fathers day on your social media website please be mindful of the following:
For some people today may be a day of sadness, those who have lost their father and are still grieving. It is a good idea to reach out to those folks and let them know they are in your thoughts.
Some people may have grown up with abusive parents and a day like today might bring back painful memories of the trauma they endured. Again reaching out to them to let them know they are not alone could brighten their day.
Lastly there are those fathers who have lost a child, birthdays, holidays, and especially fathers day can reopen the wounds created by such a loss. Checking in with these men can also make a world of difference.
Today is Sunday, our 10:00PM late night peer support group will go on as scheduled. If for any reason today was a little harder than usual, please consider joining us tonight.

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