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RockingRecovery.org is an incredible information superhighway that can connect anyone in CT looking for resources to better their lives. It is better than calling 211. The way the website is set up categorically and just the sheer number of support systems mentioned is outstanding. It can help anyone regardless of employment, living situation, gender identity, mental health status… The RIPPLE late night support group is also incredibly helpful for people who prefer to meet later during the day due to work or preference. There are at least two Recovery Support Specialists (certified through Advocacy Unlimited, recognized by DMHAS) at every meeting and that is very helpful if someone needs to talk independently during the group. And, peer support in general is incredibly valuable to both the RSS and the peer they are working with. The support group and the website are great assets to the citizens of Connecticut for sure, and are severely underused.

Kasey M. Gordon, RSS
Certified Recovery Support Specialist

I have come to know rockingrecovery.org through executive director Jeff Santo and website has been my go to for resources as I am a mental health provider and often need to locate services for my clients.

The offering of late night support meetings was a great idea and would appear that it has been successful and was much needed and have referred clients to it as traditional groups were not available in later hours. I love that it is a peer led group as lived experience is essential to connecting and many providers and clinicians are not able to draw on that aspect and may be challenged with offering those seeking help a full sense of understanding the experiences they are going through. Advocacy and empowerment are key to making changes and Ripple does provide both.

The goal of creating a peer respite is admirable and would love to see it come to fruition in near future! Have recommended the site to my colleagues!


I have been attending the late night peer group as a resource for just over a year now after locating the resource near the start of the pandemic. As a disabled person with extensive physical and mental health needs, I was looking for resources to help replace other resources that ended abruptly as the world shut down due to Covid. Many resources I had relied on previously had stopped meeting, were closed, scaled back or simply had to end their services, and I was left struggling to find a resource to help navigate the abrupt loss of my support system.

I specifically liked the fact that the peer group met as a late night group, long after most other state resources have ended. Programs that were available only from 9-5, or afternoons, or only weekdays vs weekends, were simply not enough. Or, perhaps more importantly, were not when I was in distress (anxious, depressed, etc) and needed the support. Some daytime programs were accessible hit or miss due to conflicts with other things that were changing rapidly; like the movement to telehealth & telemed calls, and the scramble to still find ways to connect with case managers & social services support.

But the largest appeal for a late night peer support group was specifically the fact that it was LATE NIGHT. As a person with anxiety, panic, PTSD, trauma, & major depression disorders, coupled with being disabled, I found that I felt most alone & unsupported when evening arrived, and by then, all other support options were closed. This late night peer support group has been there, consistently, without fail, from the moment I found it and became a regular. The goal to eventually provide longer late night hours & respite care, are resources that are severely lacking in this state.

More resources are needed at night when people are worried and can’t sleep. When other resources are closed. When people don’t need more trauma that often comes when using emergency services or crisis intervention services. They just need someone to talk to; a person on the screen to talk to, and to provide support & reassurances.

RIPPLE is all that and more. In addition to the late night support group, the resources provided throughout the website are more comprehensive and accurate than the state 211 resources. This organization should be a leading example of how resources should be organized and provided across the state, and is looking to address the gap in services between crisis support and respite support.

M.E. (she/her) & W.E. (he/him)
Private state resident

Comment left on our GoFundMe fundraiser – Giving Tuesday 2021

“I find your website to have great content when I am trying to help people in CT affected by mental health conditions. Keep up the good work.”

Pat O’Konis

I met Jeff about twelve years ago. We have worked together, volunteered together, and spent a lot of time getting to know one another. Knowing his background and experience helping other people, I reached out to him. A long time friend and Vietnam veteran is still struggling, living with the remembrances of being in a war, long forgotten by most. I brought forward to Jeff my concerns and asked him how I can help…..

Jeff gave me some advice on how to support this fellow. He explained the concept of PTSD and he gave me information on how to connect the Veteran with resources that will help him fight this most recent battle. Jeff’s advice probably saved my pals life.

Tony D.

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