Late Night Peer Support Group

*(Peer based support and resources for the state of Connecticut.)

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic traditional in person support meetings have moved onto the internet. This technology has allowed people who are not able to leave their homes, or attend meetings on the other side of the state to finally participate. There has also been a huge increase in warmline calls as well, this highlights an ongoing problem, there are almost no support groups or warmlines operating after 10:00 PM.

Our current Zoom meetings are held on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 10:00PM – Midnight

The Zoom link is:

You can dial in to our meetings using one of the following two options, both of which are based out of New York state. This is the closest point of access for Connecticut residence. The meeting ID is the same for either phone based method to connect, it is 898 2403 2752

One tap mobile: +19292056099,,89824032752# US (New York)

Dial in: +1 929 205 6099 US (New York)

Please be sure to read the group guidelines before joining, Thank you!

Group Guidelines:

Who can attend the group: This group will be open to anyone in the peer recovery community 18 years old or older. Anyone under the age of 18 may join with the permission of their parent or guardian.

Any negative or offensive language toward another person will not be tolerated: This is to be a safe space to share regardless of race, gender, sexual identity, sexual orientation, religious or political beliefs. Please be mindful and respectful of a persons chosen pronouns.

Being a safe space means you also agree to respect a persons right to privacy: Do not disseminate any information shared during this group. Anyone who needs to talk outside the group can ask the host for time after the meeting is over. Simply send us a message in chat. Every staff member respects, understands, and follows the HIPAA guidelines.

Offering feedback to another person: When someone chooses to share with the group and would like feedback, please remember to be non-judgmental, constructive, and thoughtful.

Please keep politics out of the conversation: This group is meant to support peers, the polarizing topic of current political events can distract from helping those present in the chat.

Please be respectful of the available time: Ripple will not be using a set format or agenda during these meetings. Topics and conversation will run the course they need to, this gives the group the freedom to be fluid and adapt to address new topics as they arise.

Please be respectful of new arrivals: When any person, whether a regular attendee or someone new enters the room a doorbell sound is normally heard. Please pause the conversation to allow time to welcome them into the group.

Please allow time for interaction: When sharing our personal stories it is likely that it will cover years of our life experiences. Telling a story in 5 minutes is impossible, but please keep in mind that others are in the room and want to contribute. Talk of one experience at a time and allow time for feedback or for others to share similar experiences. A conversation works best when everyone who wants to participate has the time to do so.

Thank you for your cooperation in allowing us to host safe, supportive, meaningful meetings and to hold space for those who may be struggling. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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