Our Projects

RIPPLE as an organization is working on several projects, some are being created in house while some are joint activities with groups such as Keep The Promise, Advocacy Unlimited, and other individual advocates. Projects may include the creation of new services and programs within the peer community, working together to create change in Connecticut laws through advocacy, or any activity that advances peer interests in our state. If you would like to become more involved in your community, contact us for more information.

Project R.O.S.E. : Together we take a look at the peer supporters role in the mental health and addiction services system and address a question, are certified peers being used correctly? Many people find themselves in a caseworker role rather than in one of peer support. This has led to several ongoing conversations in Connecticut on how to bring peers to the treatment team or into a persons recovery playing the part they were trained for. Project R.O.S.E. asks another question, why can’t we do both?

Peer Respite: As many of you know there has been a lot of conversation over the last few years about creating a peer run respite here in Connecticut. During the pandemic with many people turning to platforms like Zoom to communicate it has become easier to meet on a regular basis and share ideas and information. Ripple has created a reference page for housing all of the data various groups have collected on the subject.

Prison and Community Transition Project or PaCT Program: We are teaming up with other Recovery Support Specialists with the hopes of creating a program that will benefit peers living with mental illness and addiction who are currently incarcerated.

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