Welcome to RIPPLE!

We believe the key to recovery innovations is harnessing our voices, insights, and leadership, and those of our fellow service recipients, to inform and implement change in Mental Health and Addiction Services.

RIPPLE has two primary goals: first, to bring service recipients and providers together in a way that centers focus on the voices of our peers in recovery, improves communication, and fosters a true spirit of partnership; second, to provide and promote consumer-crafted education, resources and information in the ever-changing landscape of the Mental Health and Addiction Services System.

This month we honer all those who served our nation in the U.S. Armed Forces. Right now there are many Veterans who still live with the horrors of war. They live with depression, PTSD, anxiety disorders… they are still fighting long after the guns fallen silent. Ripple has created a special resource page that provide links to services for those who served.

We lose ab average of 16 Veterans a 4 active duty or reserve service members every day to suicide. If you know of a Veteran who is struggling speak up, check in, and offer them a friendly ear. They fought for us, the least we can do is listen to them.

For a list of Veterans services in Connecticut click HERE.

As the leaves fall from the trees and we enter the winter season we would like to remind you that the holiday season is extremely rough on some of our peers. From November 1st to January 15th, there are about 29 different holidays observed by seven major world religions.

For our peers living with depression, the shorter days can take a toll; those who live with a social anxiety find themselves surrounded as stores are overcrowded with holiday shoppers, the list goes on. This holiday season please remember to practice self-care whether you celebrate something this time of year or not.

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