Welcome to RIPPLE!

We believe the key to recovery innovations is harnessing our voices, insights, and leadership, and those of our fellow service recipients, to inform and implement change in Mental Health and Addiction Services.

RIPPLE has two primary goals: first, to bring service recipients and providers together in a way that centers focus on the voices of our peers in recovery, improves communication, and fosters a true spirit of partnership; second, to provide and promote consumer-crafted education, resources and information in the ever-changing landscape of the Mental Health and Addiction Services System.

In the days and weeks ahead, the Coronavirus will likely cause a lot of disruption in our lives. For peers in recovery, we may see the cancelations of many support groups and other such community gatherings.

A support group is so much more to people than a just friendly get together, for some it can be a lifeline. As we face the possibility of what might happen, it is essential to stay informed by reliable sources. For the latest information, go to the Connecticut Government website here or the CDC’s website here.

Ripple has also gathered a collection of online support groups that you can access from anywhere, these are primarily peer to peer and are found on platforms like Facebook. Please feel free to visit our Online Support Groups page for more information.

Avoid falling victim to misinformation! We are already living in a stressful situation, reading stories that are fictitious and misleading is extremely counterproductive for your wellbeing.

The State of Connecticut has a dedicated page for information relating to the coronavirus. It can be found at: https://portal.ct.gov/coronavirus. This is the primary source in information that is being shared by our legislative leaders. You will find updated numbers of confirmed cases around the state as well as a PDF document titled: “Frequently Asked Questions on the State of Connecticut’s actions related to COVID-19”

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