Newsletter Archive

Recovery Innovations for Pursuing Peer Leadership and Empowerment publishes a quarterly newsletter known as Ripple Reflections. The winter issue starts off the year and covers January, February, and March. The spring issue covers April, May, and June. Summer sees us through July, August, and September. The fall addition takes us to the end of the year and covers October, November, and December. This archive will allow you to see all of the past issues as they are taken down off the main newsletter web page.

Spring 2019 – First Issue

Summer 2019 – Volume II

Fall 2019 – Volume III

Winter 2020 – Volume IV

Spring 2020 – Volume V

Summer 2020 – Volume VI

Fall 2020 – Volume VII

Winter 2021 – Volume VIII

Spring 2021 – Volume IX

Summer 2021 – Volume X

Fall 2021 – Volume XI

Winter 2021 – Volume XII

Spring 2022 – Volume XIII

Summer 2022 – Volume XIV

Fall 2022 – Volume XV

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