12/06/2019 – New section to be added to RockingRecovery.org

As many of you know the primary goal of RockingRecovery.org is to become largest collection of resources for those who need mental health and addiction support services. Today we have laid the foundation for a new section of the site.

Yesterday we created a post and briefly touched on how some organizations are missing out on attending mental health and wellness events. A lot of this stems from the fact that event organizers can not know of every resource in their area.

Though it is not linked to the site at this time the “Resource Tables” page has been created. Any organization who gives their time to provide a information / resource tables should be listed in some type of directory.

Now we’ll have one! Any event organizer will be able to search by county for the folks behind these amazing tables.

This is going to take some time to put together and we need your help. If your organization has a resource table and you attend these events we want to know! Contact us and let us know what area of the state (counties) you are willing to travel to and you will get a listing.

The faster the word spreads the better.

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