Over the last few years, Mental Health awareness has skyrocketed due in large part to tragic events and sensationalized media coverage, as well as new legislation and the threat of budget cuts to providers, desperately needed specialized services, and the much-needed organizations that provide oversight and a place for community members to be heard. This is rapidly becoming a nationally-charged political debate. This is the ideal climate for change: legislators, the media, and the general public are finally paying attention and are looking for solutions. This is the time for empowerment, understanding, and change. To that end, we are compiling a book of stories, insights, and suggestions from our peers with lived experience, to inform the necessary changes to the system.

Our Mission:

As if it weren't enough of a challenge, living with a mental illness, substance use issue, or addiction, navigating the disjointed system of services is its own obstacle course! We hope to collect valuable insight from our peers to inform needed changes in the system of services as it exists today. As a result of this book, we hope to provide the catalyst to bring mental health and addiction services into the 21st Century.