05/13/2020 – Goals Check For Our 2020 Targets

Back in January Ripple laid out some of its bigger goals for the year, we are just two weeks shy of 2020’s half way point. So lets take a look and see if we are on track. We said these are the things that will happen in 2020:

  • Ripple will obtain its 501(c)(3) non profit status.
  • Ripple will have a seat at the table during the upcoming discussions on passing a law to require insurance companies to cover the services provided by certified peer recovery supporters.
  • Ripple will continue to advocate for reform in Connecticut state prisons, specifically the treatment of those living with mental illness.
  • Ripple will increase the number of educational presentations by at least 20% in 2020
  • RockingRecovery.org will continue to grow its resource list for the benefit of the community as a whole.
  • RockingRecovery.org will begin a period of community promotion to make both peers and providers aware of the service it provides.

There are 6 points to address, first, Ripple is now a legal entity and the 501(c)(3) is well under way.

Second, Ripple has been involved in the conversations regarding upcoming legislative measures to get more peers in the workforce, we are very exited to see the fruits of efforts pay off in 2021.

Third, Ripple has been actively involved in conversations on our state prisons, reentry, recidivism, and mental health. Jeffrey Santo the Executive Director of Ripple was recently apart of a panel discussion on May 6th. Hosted by the Central Connecticut State University and The CT Reentry Collaborative. Approximately 150 people watched the live stream and it was later posted to CT-N

Fourth, Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are not traveling nearly as much as we had hoped. This may be the one goal we can not make happen in 2020. As the state reopens and in person meetings begin to start again we will be there. It is unlikely that will we will see the increase in our presentations due to the amount of time that has already passed this year.

Fifth, RockingRecovery.org is keeping up to date and updated at least once a week, currently the site has over 1000 resource listings!

Sixth, Again, due to the coronavirus any kind of in person promotion is nearly impossible. We have however been attending numerous web based meetings and classes. There is now a RockingRecovery.org banner hanging in the background in view of our web cam. This has allowed us to take questions on what RockingRecovery.org is and the services it offers.

We are looking forward to the end of the year, it is always an amazing feeling to be able and look back on just how far you have come. Even though life seems rather stagnant with the stay at home order we are still able to move forward. We hope you are all well and hope to see everyone once this pandemic is behind us.

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