04/10/2020 – Advocacy Unlimited Offers Options As Daily Check Ins

The state of Connecticut confirmed just over 2000 new coronavirus cases in two days. New York our next door neighbor lost over 700 people in a single day.
If what we heard is correct this next week and a half is going to be devastating. We need to stay vigilant while at the same time supporting those around us by staying home as much as we possibly can.
Staying home does not mean staying alone and unsupported. Advocacy Unlimited has been offering Zoom call in times where we can see one another face to face via computer, tablet, or phone. It is a wonderful way to communicate, stay in touch, and talk to other peers in recovery.
If your interested in joining us use the link below:
The next meet up will be at 3:00 PM today and will run until 4:00.
There is also a live stream from AU each morning on Facebook starting at 11:30 AM. Keep an eye on their page for more information and don’t for get to follow Toivo and Join Rise Be, they offer other opportunities for things to do throughout the day.

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