03/11/2020 – Legislative Update!

Since the start of the legislative session Ripple has submitted 3 testimonies, 1 in person at the Legislative Office Building and 2 sent in writing. Jeffrey also spoke and made comments at a public meeting held at Fairfield University during a meeting to discuss whether or not there was a need for services being offered by the Newport Academy. If you are a legislative advocate this time of year is extremely busy.

This afternoon Ripple will take part in a conference call with state Representative Lucy Dathan. On Feb. 27th, a bill that went before the Insurance Committee to create a task force to make recommendations around the possibility of billing for peer support work (obviously in certain to-be-defined settings and circumstances, not all peer support). Hope you can all join for this meeting so all voices are heard! Rep. Dathan is interested in working with us around peer support.

This meeting was originally going to be held today at the Legislative Office Building but was changed to a conference call due to the state Coronavirus situation. Along with Ripple the call will include folks from Advocacy Unlimited (AU), National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), The Connecticut Legal Rights Project (CLRP), Keep The Promise Coalition (KTP), members from the Regional Behavioral Health Action Organizations (RBHAO), The Catchment Area Councils (CAC), as well as other Peers in the community.

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