01/17/2020 – We’ve hit over 900 resource listings on RockingRecovery.org!!

This morning we added almost 40 new unique links to our resource page bringing our number to 920 links. They lead to a collection of more than 1,330 programs, services and information that can aid professionals, peer supporters, recovery coaches, or people in need to quickly find helpful resources.

We have also added a new category to our CT Resource Links page. Our peers are our inspiration…

After talking at length with a peer in the recovery community we learned of a very useful resource for some people. This peer shared their story with us, being so overwhelmed that they were home bound for almost a full year.

It was the discovery of an online counseling internet site that allowed them to start their road to recovery. As we have been doing more research on this topic we have discovered a number of different sites that are available. Since this is much different from the other more traditional therapy options, we have opted to create a new separate category for it.

The page has been created but remains underpopulated for now. It will serve as a place marker until mid day Friday Jan, 17th.

Online therapy is not for everyone, but then we know that there is no one size fits all mental health model. If it helps just one person the creation of the page is worth it. If you know of any online counseling sites please let us know so we made add it to our list of resources. Thank you!!

New Icon for the Online Counseling category.

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